Balonne council receives wild dog fencing funds

Find out what council hopes it will achieve.

THE Balonne Shire Council is hoping new funding gained for wild dog fencing will help them reinvigorate the once thriving sheep industry in their region boosting job opportunities following water buybacks woes. 

While the exact figure is yet to be released, Balonne Shire Mayor Richard Marsh said wild dog fencing was one of three things council had been successful in receiving funding for including two new positions of Economic Development Officer and Grants Officer.

The region has suffered major job losses and schooling enrolments since water buybacks began draining small towns like Dirranbandi and St George.


Cr Marsh said with the loss of productivity through the water buyback system, council was looking for other opportunities to reinvigorate some of their past activities.

He said while some producers in the shire had already funded their own fences, this would allow those who may be financially stretched to also have the same opportunity. 

“The sheep industry is one that is of particular relevance to us because we have been a great sheep growing area and wool growing area and probably moving into the meat products,” he said. 

“Cluster fencing is one thing that people to the north of us are finding of an advantage. We expect that we can probably gain the same benefit from cluster fencing in our shire.

“The wool industry and the sheep industry is a great provider of employment and it does bring people to town.” 

Stay tuned for more information. 

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