Nick and Sophie Mathews with one of the Westvale Merino Stud's rams.

Armidale Merino ram show and sale | Photo gallery

Some of the top Merino studs from across NSW were in Armidale on February 6 and 7, for one of the largest multi-vendor sales in the state.

The competition was strong at the 73rd Armidale Merino Ram Show and Sale.

The show was held on Tuesday at the Armidale Exhibition Centre where the 70 sale rams were penned to be weighed, classified and tested prior to the show. 

Some of the top studs from across NSW contested the classes judged by Dan Korff, Wagga Wagga, and Kim Henderson, Grogansworth Merinos, Bowning, at what is one of the largest multi-vendor sales in the state.

The winner of the junior Merino judging, also held on Tuesday, was Cilla Clonan, Armidale, who got to spend the afternoon as an associate judge.

Run by the Northern Merino Ram Breeders’ Inc in conjunction with AWN Livestock, Landmark and Elders, the major sponsor for this year’s event was Smith, Sharpe & Abbott Accountants who held a meet and greet with drinks and food for vendors and buyers.

The supreme exhibit and champion ultra fine ram was won by Peter Lette, Conrayn Merinos, Berridale, champion superfine ram went to Alison van Eyk, Shalimar Park Merinos, Wollun, Andrew Davis from Demondrille Merinos, Harden, won the champion fine wool ram and Murray Power, Airlie Merinos, Walcha exhibited the champion fine-medium ram.

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