FARMING: Maternal breeding efficiency will be in the spotlight at the discussion with Agriculture Victoria sheep specialist Andrew Kennedy. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Discussion on how to improve sheep breeding efficiency

Farmers are invited to to a discussion that will look into breeding efficiency in the sheep industry.

Farmers have been invited to attend a meeting in Avoca where Agriculture Victoria sheep specialist Andrew Kennedy will discuss maternal efficiency in the sheep industry.

Mr Kennedy will provide observations into the performance of Merino and cross bred ewes in regards to their maternal efficiency and will highlight the breeding traits that are essential for future sustainability of the industry.

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Avoca BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB facilitator Neil James said the meeting would provide the opportunity to hear, share and discuss the current issues within the industry.

“BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB is a unique and innovative network that provides a framework for sheep producers to improve their farming business,” Mr James said.

“Group meetings provide self-directed learning opportunities for members, which allows them to address the issues and priorities that matter to them.”

BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB is partnered with the Australian Wool Innovation Limited, a network that enables producers to exchange information that facilitates advancements within key aspects of their business.

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