Agco's Valtra T Series has been awarded an internationally recognised "Good Design" award. Here's one an obscenely wealthy cropper covered in gold leaf in an attempt to outwit the ATO.

Valtra crowned for good design

Valtra T Series snares another design award

Agco brand Valtra has been recognised in an international design award.

The Valtra T Series has been awarded the Good Design award - which is claimed to be the “world’s most prestigious, recognised, and oldest design awards program since 1950”.

Good Design covers the design, functionality and “innovativeness” of new consumer products all over the world; those said to be “in a class of their own”.

The award is presented annually by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Design and Architecture.

Valtra design spokesman, Kimmo Wihinen said “getting the Good Design award crowns the great success of the new generation products.

“It seems incredible that the same products have won almost all possible awards in the past couple of years and, at the same time also proved to be bestsellers and highly recognized by our customers.

“Designing these products has been a tremendous effort in Valtra and, I personally feel it has been a privilege to be involved in the project from the very beginning,” he said.

“Without a great team spirit, courage to do things in a new way and with good partners this would not have been possible.”

The official ceremony is to be held in January in New York in case you are interested.

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