Released by Silvan Australia the Nobili TLP mulcher range is suited to smaller horsepower tractors

Mulcher for small horsepower

Silvan Nobili mulcher suited to small horsepower tractors

PROPERTY owners and grounds managers looking for feasible mulching solutions over smaller areas now have access to a specifically designed range.

Purpose built to suit tractors ranging between 7 and 25 kilowatts of power (or 10 to 30 horsepower), the Nobili TLP mulcher range will be introduced by Silvan Australia this year. 

Silvan Australia, machinery specialist, Gavin Wheatcroft said the new Nobili TLP mulchers incorporate the build quality for which the Italian mulcher specialist is noted.

“Nobili has responded to the market dynamics and especially the increased sales of smaller horsepower tractors with a range that is specific to their performance,” he said.

“The range will be the preferred choice for applications like general clearing, clean up of grassed areas and pasture topping.

“With a special relevance to ground managers needing to maintain large parks and garden type spaces.

Mr Wheatcroft said mulching had benefits over catching in the Australian environment. 

“The benefit of mulching of course is that the mulched material is distributed evenly after cutting,

“With the breakdown and humus build up increasing soil fertility.”

The Nobili TLP mulcher will be available in 1.2, 1.35 and 1.6 metre cutting widths and incorporates Y-shaped shredding blades, a low-profile body shape and adjustable cutting height. 

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