The Silvan DCM MX granulated fertiliser spreader is the first available in Australia with a fully stainless steel hopper, to reduce corrosion

Stainless steel spreader to reduce corrosion

Silvan Australia expand DCM fertiliser spreader range

AN EXPANDED range of fertiliser spreaders is now available from Silvan Australia. 

Sourced from Italian machinery manufacturer DCM, the tractor powered PTO spreaders are suitable for granular fertiliser application. 

Silvan, machinery product manager, Ralph Hymus, said Silvan now have a spreader range to suit all situations.

“In introducing the expanded DCM Spreader range Silvan is confident it can provide an application solution for all types of fertiliser spreading applications, crops and materials for farmers and  spreading contractors,” he said. 

The new spreader offering ranges from narrow body models for orchard and vineyard work to high capacity hoppers capable of  36 metre spread width for broadacre application. 

Mr Hymus said the new DCM MX spreaders were the first high capacity spreader available in Australia with a stainless steel hopper. 

“The original DCM stainless range quickly secured a market in coastal farming and in marine environments where salt laden spray or winds typically cause premature failure for spreaders with traditional painted hoppers,” he said.

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