Quicke Q-companion

Weigh loads on the go

Quicke Q-companion for safe and smart loading

WEIGHING loads in action can improve safety, accuracy and efficiency of loader operations. 

Quicke Australia has recently released the Q-companion, a digital screen with smart sensor technology which allows operators to weigh and monitor loads on the job. 

The company claims the system allows weighing during the loader lift, displaying the weights on the screen, while also showing remaining lifting capacity. 

Quicke said the angle sensors on the top of the loader arm and at the tool carrier end allow the system to display the height and angle of the implement. 

Implements can be calibrated with ease, Quicke claimed, with calibration settings for up to ten implements being retained in the system. 

Quicke, manager, Adam Durston, said the company developed and spent many thousands of hours extensively testing the new product particularly for agricultural applications such as bucket work, bale handling, pallets and big bag lifting.

“The Q-companion is all about increasing productivity by delivering more efficiencies,” he said.

I”t’s a smart product built to very high quality standards, and it’s something farmers have been waiting for. 

“When it comes to safety, productivity and control, the Q-companion is a big step forward.

“It’s a unique system for easily weighing your load while lifting and monitoring the position of your implement and load. 

“You can also set up maintenance reminders to help prolong the life of your loader and minimise downtime.”

Mr Durston said the Q-companion can be fitted to new Q Series loaders.

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