Agworld and John Deere integrate their farm management data platforms. Photo:

Digital integration to benefit farmers

John Deere and Agworld integrate farm data platforms

THE DIGITAL age holds many benefits for farmers, however difficulty integrating data across platforms and brands is slowing adoption. 

Taking steps to mitigate this, farm management software company Agworld have announced their platform will now integrate with the John Deere operations centre. 

Watch the video below for details on the integration.

Agworld, chief executive officer, Doug Fitch said the integration would enable growers to streamline their data transfer and improve data accuracy.

“This integration is a game changer for the industry,” he said. 

“There is less data entry required by those collaborating within the process.

“More automation of record keeping, better quality data and it is all stored in one place. 

Mr Fitch said the agricultural industry faced many challenges, including data standardisation and human data entry errors.

Agworld, chief executive officer, Doug Fitch

This limits the extent to which farm data can be used for business decisions, data analytics and the future of machine learning, he said.

“Together with John Deere, we are building a future where farm record keeping can be fully automated, without sacrificing data accuracy.” said Mr Fitch.

"This integration is a major step in that direction.

“Agworld’s ease of use, structured data and collaborative platform, coupled with John Deere's equipment, technology, and dealer services makes this integration globally unique."

The integration combines Agworld’s software and standardised database with John Deere's JDLink Connect automated operations tracking

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