Isuzu best value Parts clutch kit

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Isuzu expand clutch kit range

REPLACEMENT parts are not all created equal, is a key message from Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL).

Isuzu have expanded its Best Vaule Parts (BVP) clutch kit range to suit a wider variety of transmissions and truck models.

The Isuzu BVP program is specifically designed for owners of older Isuzu trucks.

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said the decision to expand the BVP clutch kit range would offer more operators greater peace of mind.

“Unlike most replacement parts produced by some aftermarket brands, Isuzu’s BVP clutch kit provides superior performance by creating parts using the same number of components as the original specification,” he said.

Isuzu best value Parts clutch kit

“The reality of operating a commercial vehicle as a piece of capital equipment is that some parts of your truck get a greater workout than others and need replacing earlier.

“But when it comes time to buy a replacement part for your truck, remember, not all parts are created equal.

“When developing our expanded range of clutch kits, Isuzu’s Parts Department understood that many operators choosing aftermarket clutch kits were ending up with an inferior product that could create further headaches a little way down the road.

“Isuzu has built a reputation on providing outstanding durability, construction and performance, and Isuzu’s BVP clutch kit is an extension of that ethos.”

Isuzu best value Parts clutch kit

Mr Plunkett said Isuzu’s clutch plate structure features 17 components compared to nine in a popular competitor brand.

The cushion plate is an eight-piece design, which allows for greater absorption of shock when the transmission and engine are engaging in comparison to many aftermarket product offerings, he said. 

Mr Plunkett said the idling torsion spring in the spline hub is independent of the hub flange, which would allow greater absorption of idling vibration.

Rather than using one torsion spring, the Isuzu BVP clutch kit features inner and outer torsion springs, increasing the life of the clutch plate and allowing for smoother clutch engagement, he said.

Mr Plunkett said the kit also provides a dampening bush/cone spring to provide consistent torque, while reducing noise and vibration.

“Our clutch kit is just one of the many ways that Isuzu’s BVP system is providing excellent post-sales service to customers,” he said.

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