Inlon HerbHy is designed to remotely tackle woody weeds such as lantana on rough terrain

Safer clearing on rough terrain

Inlon release the remote HerbHy for land clearing

ADVANCED remote technology is allowing safe and efficient clearing of rough terrain

The radio-controlled track machine HerbHy is the latest release in the Civiline range by Inlon.

Inlon, product manager, Glenn Dwyer said the Inlon range was popular amongst commercial landscaping professionals.

The Spider commercial mower-slasher range has already proved popular for general maintenance of steep slopes or rapidly changing contours, removing the safety concerns of traditional ride-on wheeled machines,” he said.

“But the radio controlled HerbHy 40 track machine can go where no mower-slasher has been before.

“It will take on the roughest terrain, ruts, holes, even eroded mines, clearing everything in its path.”

Mr Dwyer said the HerbHy could tackle heavy shrub clearing such as lantana, blackberries and bamboo with the optional forestry mulcher head.

The head features a push bar for taller growth, to first push and cut down with the remotely operated door open, and then mulch the material on the ground with the door closed.

“The HerbHy is strong and robust, with the underbody protection structurally integrated into the chassis so the engine and components are protected from debris,” he said.

The HerbHy is driven by a 30 kilowatt turbo charged Perkins diesel engine. 

Mr Dwyer said the track machine is designed for clearing heavy growth on slopes up to 55 degrees.

“The tracks can be hydraulically widened from 1,360 to 1,860mm to improve machine stability on steeper slopes, while the automatic hydraulic tensioning system reduces track maintenance, extends track life and reduces ownership costs,” he said.

“Inlon is always testing and evaluating new models that will suit the challenging Australian terrain.”

“The HerbHy offers a powerful and safe opportunity for heavy duty ground clearance, and its large range of tool attachments from a bucket to a stump grinder make it extra versatile for all applications.”

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