Hustler's X2500 is able to be linkage or front loader frame mounted making it versatile and manouvrable.

Back or front for feedout system

Hustler adds new linkage or loader mounted chainless feeder

A new chainless feedout system that can be front loader or linkage mounted from New Zealand company Hustler is due for local release early next year.

The X2500 is based on the company’s chainless X5000 model which has enjoyed a strong following here and across the ditch since its release a few years back.

The chainless X2500 is a three point linkage based feedout system which is a good fit for smaller properties due to its manoeuvrability and performance on steeper country.

Hustler says it is the only 3PL mounted feeder capable of feeding out any shape bale  without jamming, blocking or plugging, and the only one capable of handling square bales that can be loader mounted.

The X2500 has a patented auto connect/disconnect Snaplox hands free connection system which is also fitted to the SL360X feeder.

Hustler said they were pleased with the uptake and reliability of the Snaplox system which has been “a real game changer for ease of operation and convenience.

Hustler said the Snaplox system and the new headstock design meant the X2500 was now compatible with front end loaders, skid steer loaders and telehandlers adding to its versatility.

“Farmers are starting to really latch on to the visibility advantages, and the fact you can feed out from a lane way without have to enter the paddock is saving them time.”

Hustler said the new design, featured a raft of features making it easier to use, including new style bale tynes that pierce the bale rather than pushing it; a new drive connection system which uses two seals ball race bearings instead of a bush.

The load rating has also been bumped up to handle bales up to 1250 kilograms and the new 1.5 metre bed retains the feed better.

“The increased load capacity added a bit of a curve ball in the design process, and as a result it has a massive oversize monocoque chassis design which is absolutely bullet-proof,” the company said.

A new adjustable pivot design can be optimised to suit the bales you mostly feed out, be it square baled vetch, lucerne or even soggy deformed round bales.

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