AWARD WINNER: Fendt has extended its flat face hydraulic couplings to its 800 Vario and 900 Vario tractor ranges.

Fendt adds flat face hydraulic coupling

Flat face hydraulic coupling now feature on the Fendt 800 Vario and Fendt 900 Vario product ranges.

FLAT face hydraulic (FFC) couplings are now being offered on Fendt’s 800 Vario and 900 Vario tractor ranges. 

Until now, the FFC was only available for the Fendt 1000 Vario. Now the system is being extended to the Fendt 800 and 900 Vario product ranges.

The flat face design of this two-sided Fendt hydraulic clutch that can be operated at full pressure prevents oil leaks. With pressure losses eliminated, the oil does not heat up as much, conserving energy.

FFC have high flow rates: 140 litres for rear valves 1-6 or optionally up to 170 litres on the fourth rear valve.

Fendt marketing director Roland Schmidt said FFC were also much easier to keep clean than conventional hydraulic couplings clean.

Flat face hydraulic coupling now feature on the Fendt 800 Vario and Fendt 900 Vario product ranges.

“In contrast, the absolutely flat surface of these flat-sealing hydraulic couplings makes cleaning an easy task while, at the same time, the extremely low level of dirt ingress also extends the filter change interval," Mr Schmidt said.

“The fact that the coupling insert components are easy to dismantle is also a great help with maintenance. This new system virtually eliminates the need for repair work resulting from damaged couplings and connectors. One hydraulic manifold, different sizes of coupling. 

"With our system, the customer can equip his hydraulic manifold with different sizes of coupling, adapted to suit his operational requirements.

“As well as the half inch coupling, the one used most frequently, there is a three-quarter inch coupling and the new flat-sealing five-eight inch coupling.

Fendt has retained its familiar colour coding scheme.

“This means that a farm does not need to change over to the new system from one day to the next, and can instead do so one step at a time."

The inserts, available in various different sizes, can be screwed into position, making them convenient and easy to replace.

A lever is still used to operate the attachment and disconnection operations, meaning that no force needs to be applied.

“The system can be attached on both sides while under pressure,” Mr Schmidt said. “The proven tear-away failsafe is also incorporated. Fendt also retains its familiar colour coding scheme for connecting pipes on the hydraulic coupling system.”

A gradual changeover between standard couplings and the flat-sealing couplings is possible.

The Fendt coupling plate can accommodate four hose attachments, helping to prevent confusion over hydraulic hoses.

"The coupling plate is a great help because it provides a way on different tractors to employ the same coupling procedure,” Mr Schmidt said.

“This, together with a pre-programed teach-in sequence, removes any scope for operator error. To guarantee that the coupling plate is connected up correctly, centring bores are fitted to our system.

“To make it easier for farmers to switch between today's standard couplings and the flat-sealing couplings, implements with differing connector sizes and types can be combined with one another. With the flexible cartridge insert on the tractor, a gradual changeover is possible.” 

From March 2017, flat face hydraulic couplings are available as complementary options for the Fendt 800 Vario, 900 Vario and Fendt 1000 Vario series, instead of the comparable conventional standard couplings. 

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