Kubota Australia are not just about tractors these days

New year, new focus for Kubota

Dropping "tractor" from Kubota Australia signals change

AN INNOCUOUS change of name to Kubota Australia, signalled change ahead for the Australian subsidiary of Kubota Corporation.

Dropping “tractor” from the name, aligns with Kubota’s plans to expand and innovate their product mix.

Kubota Australia, managing director, Shigeo (George) Koto, said the timing for the name change was fitting, with the company recently launching a new range of professional farming equipment, including the M7-1 tractor, implements and exclusive products from American seeding and tillage specialist Great Plains. 

Great Plains, an American subsidary of Kubota produce tillage and seeding equipment

“Over the past four decades, we have grown significantly as a company, and through our commitment to invest in advanced and innovative technologies that can excel in Australia’s tough and diverse conditions,” he said. 

“We have built a reputation for high performance, quality and reliability.

“We are so much more than tractors, and we are fully committed to the expansion of our brand. 

“We want our name to represent the scale of our goals, the variety of our product mix, our dealer network, and customer base.

“We want our brand to transparently represent our intent in continuing to grow with our customers.”

Mr Koto said Kubota Australia intends to grow the company’s footprint in the region. 

“Kubota Tractor Australia has evolved with the changing needs of our customers and the industry,” he said. 

“We look forward to growing a brand that exceeds expectations, by strengthening each and every one of our product groups.”

This year will see the first major deliveries of stock from Kubota’s American subsidiary Great Plains Manufacturing. 

Great Plains are a sowing and tillage implement specialist.

Linda Salem, president, Great Plains Manufacturing Inc. a subsidiary of the Kubota Corporation, visiting the Kubota dealer conference in 2017

The range includes precision planters designed for broadacre machinery as well as smaller equipment suited to the European and small land holder market. 

Great Plains Manufacturing, president, Linda Salem, said the launch of the product range through Kubota Australia was part of a global strategy to integrate the two companies.

“We were fortunate we had worked with Kubota for over ten years before the acquisition with our Landpride compact tractor equipment attachments,” she said.

“I think Australia is a place where we can really expand our sales and take advantage of the Kubota network that is here.

Lars Pasedag, senior product manager, Kubota showcasing the Great Plains Spartan II at the Kubota dealers conference, Avalon, Victoria

Kubota Australia, senior product manager, Lars Pasedag said the company will continue to invest in solutions to combat the challenges faced by farmers.

“From trailblazing mining operations in Western Australia using our Krone machinery,” he said. 

“To dairy farmers in Gippsland using variable rate Kubota spreaders.

“Our customers are passionate, progressive people who are looking to us to ensure that they remain at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

“We are focused on evolving with our customers.

The Great Plains Spartan II

“Helping them improve their productivity and profitability by continuing to collaborate with the world’s best.

“Supplying them with not only the highest quality equipment and machinery, but also the highest quality service.”

“We were fortunate we had worked with Kubota for over ten years before the acquisition with our Landpride compact tractor equipment attachments,” she said.

While Kubota may have changed their name, they have actually strengthened their offering of tractors over the past year.

In 2017, Kubota launched a new range of mid-sized farm tractors, including the largest tractor the company has ever made, the M7-1.

The Kubota M7-1 series are the largest tractor ever manufactured by Kubota

At 125 kilowatt (170 horsepower), the M7-1 signals Kubota recognise the trend towards rationalisation of Australian farm land means it will need to appeal more broadly then the small holding market.  

The premium M7-1 features continuously variable transmission (CVT) and other bells an whistles associated with premium mid-range tractors these days, such as integrated touch screen terminals and emission technologies. 

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