Shannon McNab managing director of Vimcor track undercarriages

Transferable tracks manufactured in Molong

Davimac Vimcor transferable tracks on display at field days.

VIMCOR will have on show their latest range of hub-mount transferable track undercarriages at AgQuip Gunnedah.

Vimcor is a division of Davimac. The family owned business based in the central tablelands town of Molong, concentrates on manufacturing seed drills, chaser bins and other farming equipment. 

Vimcor track undercarriages have now been in work in Australia for more than two years. In this time they have fitted the tracks to chaser bins, cane bins and trailers across Australia.

Whilst not an entirely novel concept, this is a first for Australian manufacturing. 

Vimcor’s managing director Shannon McNab said that he wanted to see a new range of hub mount tracks available to Australian farmers that were designed and purpose-built to be heavy duty and robust.

The transferrable hub mount tracks will enable farmers to have tracks on a chaser bin during harvest and then transfer them to an air seeder for planting, he said.

The transfer can be completed using basic tools usually at hand such as a forklift or front-end loader. The company saying that transfer could be complete in as little as half an hour.

The tracks can be fitted to equipment with 10 or 12 stud hubs with appropriate clearance.

The reinforced frame has a handling capability of up to 35 tonnes.

Each track is mounted on two track-end wheels and supported by two track mid-wheels with width options of 24 or 36 inches.

The company said that field trial results are showing great promise, with the hub mounted tracks currently being evaluated by farmers who are now fitting them onto implements such as cultivators and seeders.

“Farmers who have so far used the tracks have commented on the heavy duty design and smoothness of the operation,” said Mr McNab.

“Those who have seen our track systems working are impressed with how well the track undercarriages turn and how little soil disturbance there is.” 

“This is due to the very large 4.16 square metre track footprint (36 inch track undercarriage) which greatly reduces soil pressure,” he said.

The new Vimcor hub mount tracks will be on display at the upcoming Agquip and Henty field days.

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