Kevin Corcoran at NVLX Barnawartha on Wednesday.

Switch decision a winner

Sale decision the right one for buyers, sellers and - most importantly - the animals

With temperatures to climb to 40C by the end of the week, Corcoran Parker director Kevin Corcoran has no doubt the decision to host their own premier Angus sale was the right one.

The Wodonga-based agents traditionally share their blue ribbon sales with Landmark and Elders but increased numbers helped forced Corcoran Parker’s hand.

“There’s someone on our side because the temperature here today is about 29 or 30. It’s the luck of the draw, Friday’s going to be close to 40,” Mr Corcoran said after Wednesday’s sale at Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange, Barnawartha.

”I don’t think it’s good on the people, morale gets down a bit, and the cattle feel it.

“All in all, the big thing about going on our own is the presentation of livestock and the welfare of livestock, number one.

“I think that's a big part of what our company ‘s about, then obviously the presentation allows prospective buyer to get a good look at the livestock.

“We gave it a lot of serious thought about how we can utilize the facility better … It is purely about presentation and animal welfare.”

Corcoran Parker sold close to 3000 head of cattle at the sale – the first of several in coming days and weeks as part of the weaner sales – and will go solo again on January 10. Landmark and Elders will sell about 2500 head at NVLX on Friday, January 5. A combined yarding of 5500 would have made for a tough day for stock, buyers and sellers.

“We were adamant we had to improve on our effort from last year to encourage our people to keep coming to the facility,” Mr Corcoran said.

“Obviously they are not going to build any more sell pens so we had to look at our options.

“It stood out that we went on our own but it was a very consultative process with our sale partners Elders and Landmark and we’ll be back sharing the sales with them in February and March.”

He said while prices did not match the highs of 12 to 24 months ago quality was stronger and the heavier yarding would push up returns for vendors, resulting in few if any leaving NVLX disappointed on Wednesday.

Local restockers were active while some cattle went north to Gunnedah, Bathurst, Orange and Forbes and a small number went to the export market.

“A lot of our weaners today, in dollar value, wouldn’t be that much lower than last year simply because they’re 20 to 30 kilos heavier.

“Weight gain improves your net returns.”

Day two of the sales will see more than 4000 head offered at NVLX by independent agents – Brian Unthank Rural, Paull And Scollard, Peter Ruaro Livestock/Rodwells and Schubert Boers – from 10.30am.

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