The new water-cooled, lightweight and compact H50 range of diesel engines from Hatz is ideal for on-farm use.

Hatz off to compact engine

Hatz new compact diesel engine range ideal for generators, pumps and custom builds.

New diesel engines from Hatz designed to power generators, pumps and other farm equipment, offer longer running hours, improved fuel efficiency and extended service intervals.

Hatz diesel business manager, Ian O’Callaghan said the engines are small enough to be easy to use on-farm and powerful enough to do the job well.

“People in regional and isolated areas need low cost, reliable power.

“With the new H50 series, Hatz delivers a water-cooled engine that is lightweight and compact, yet high on performance and efficiency, particularly as part of a generator set,” he said.

“I’ve met farmers who have been running a Hatz engine on the farm since the late 1970’s.

“That’s the same engine still going strong for almost 40 years.”

The brand offers a 70 strong dealer network as well as service agents, but a key benefit for rural users is the extended service intervals.

The new H50 series promises 500 engine hours between standard services.

This series comes with electronic governing which means when connected to a generator, synchronisation and load sharing with other Hatz generator sets is completely streamlined which can add to fuel savings.

The H50 series is the world’s smallest in their power range and is up to 90 kilograms lighter than its nearest competitors leading to a low power-to-weight ratio and good fuel efficiency.

The 4H50 model is the most efficient engine in the 37 to 56/62 kilowatt class, with fuel consumption of just 210 g/kWh.

The H50 range uses a diesel oxidation catalyst to meet Tier 4 standards but does not need a diesel particulate filter.

“Increasingly, we are seeing ‘hybrid systems’ on-farm, where our generator sets load share with renewable energy sources like PV solar or wind turbine system,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

“This means the generator acts as a backup and only kicks in when required. It’s incredibly efficient.”

A simple design, in conjunction with roller tappets and a lower camshaft, reduces installation space and provides a compact, but high-performing engine, Hatz says.

The company also offers customised solutions including custom generator sets for on-farm applications.

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