2018 Claas Quadrant

Weight watchers for big bales

2018 equipment options for big square balers.

EQUIPMENT options for Claas Quadrant 5300, 5200 and 4200 big square balers have been announced for 2018. 

Luke Wheeler product manager Claas harvest centre, said the new bale weighing system would be a benefit to operators looking to save time.

“Weighing takes place during the baling process, so there’s no delay in the baling operation,” he said.

The weights are accurate within a range of 5 kilograms up to operating speeds of 20 kilometres per hour according to the specifications.

“Bale weights can then be saved according to the job or paddock for later processing or invoicing,” said Mr Wheeler.

Claas telematics remote monitoring systems can then integrate the data to spatially map yield and bale moisture across the field, he said.

A new LED lighting system will also be available for night work. 

2018 Claas Quadrant LED lighting system

“It comprises seven high-quality lights fitted to key components of the bale” he said.

These include the drawbar, flywheel, feed rake and bale chamber.

Following from the release on lager models, a pull out knife drawer will now be an option on the Quadrant 4200 said Mr Wheeler.

“Being able to pull out the knife drawer dramatically reduces the time required for a complete knife change from one hour to just 15 minutes,” he said.

“This time saving will be a real boon for contractors, not to mention making it much easier to maintain and replace the knives, resulting in better forage quality and throughput.”

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