Amazone reckon's the Cenius cultivator is the one-machine solution for shallow or deep cultivation.

Tillage tool cultivates mix-up

Amazone's Cenius cultivator range gets a makeover

German agricultural equipment manufacturer, Amazone has rolled-out a new-generation Cenius high performance trailed mulch cultivator.

Claimed to be a one-stop answer to shallow or deep cultivation, the latest Cenius is available in eight mounted and trailed models with widths from three to seven metres, according to Claas Harvest Centre Amazone product manager, Craig Hopkins.

“These incredibly versatile machines can be configured with a range of shares, discs, rollers and drills,” he said.

“They can be used for everything from shallow stubble incorporation through to deep loosening, right through to one-pass cultivation and drilling.

“Used in conjunction with an integrated Amazone drilling or sowing solution, Cenius is ideal for minimum-till systems.”

Suitable for towing by mid-range tractors (from 150 kilowatts), all models feature three rows of tynes in a staggered layout to ensure straw residues are evenly mixed into the upper soil layer.

The 280–308 millimetre tyne spacing and 80 centimetre high frame clearance allows easy passage of crop residues, even heavy stubble.

Cenius can be configured with two tyne overload systems: the C-Mix Super and C-Mix Special.

“C-Mix Special tynes have a shear bolt overload safety device, making them more suitable for medium to light soils,” Mr Hopkins said.

“C-Mix Super tynes comes with a pressure spring overload safety device that provides a perfect working performance, even when top soil deep loosening.

“The release force is more than 600 kilograms and clears to a height of 300mm, allowing efficient and continuous operation, even under tough working conditions.

“Should this prove insufficient, the C-Mix Super tyne is protected additionally via a shear bolt.

Both systems can be equipped with a range of hard-wearing shares, including 350mm wing shares, 80mm tips and 80mm tips with guide plates, to suit a range of cultivation options and working depths from five to 28cm.

An additional row of serrated levelling discs mounted behind the tynes creates a smooth soil surface.

The levelling discs can be adjusted quickly via two side-mounted spindles. 

Depth guidance in the four TX trailed models is achieved via the support wheels at the front of the implement and the rear-mounted roller.

“Depending on the soil conditions, trailed models can be fitted with either a wedge ring, knife, tandem or cage roller, to crumble and/or re-consolidate the soil,” Mr Hopkins said.

“The depth adjustment of the support wheels and roller are synchronised via a double-acting hydraulic system.

“Alternatively, the running gear can be used to control depth if the roller is not fitted.”

The machine is raised via the hydraulic drawbar.

An optional traction control system improves traction for the rear tyres of the tractor.

“When activated, this system transfers up to 1500kg of the machine’s weight to the rear axle, thereby improving traction and reducing fuel consumption,” Mr Hopkins said.

Trailed models also feature integrated centre-mounted running gear for improved manoeuvrability.

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