Amazone SwingStop Pro

Boom technology wins silver

Amazone SwingStop spray boom wins at Agritechnica

INNOVATION awards are flying thick and fast, with the worlds best on show at Germany’s Agritechnica. 

While the big brands have dominated the biennial awards aimed at groundbreaking innovations in the world of agricultural technology, family owned companies such as Amazone have also made an impressive showing.

Amazone, which is distributed in Australia through the Claas Harvest Centre, will be awarded three silver medals for innovation this week.

The first will be awarded for the SwingStop Pro spray boom guidance system. 

The German Agricultural Society (DLG), who manage the awards, said the SwingStop Pro technology incorporates a new pulse width frequency modulation nozzle system.

“Accuracy of application is key in chemical spraying,” said the DLG.

“The higher the accuracy, the better the plant coverage at the desired product concentration levels.

Amazone SwingStop Pro

The DLG said technologies which allowed a spray boom to move horizontally, while remaining parallel to the ground, increased spray accuracy.

“SwingStop Pro combines the boom’s active shock absorbing system with very dynamic rate control on every single nozzle,” said the DLG. 

“This achieves an unprecedented level of accuracy in direction of travel and across the full spraying width.” 

The DLG said the Amazone had redesigned the valves on the SwingStop Pro increasing the level of individual nozzle rate control.

“SwingStop pro controls the application rate by using sensors that measure the relative application rate on each nozzle and relate the measurements to the sprayer’s ground speed in real time,” it said.

“This makes SwingStop pro the tool for achieving maximum spraying accuracy.

“The technology is another milestone on the road to precision farming.”

The other two silver awards picked up by Amazone include the SmartService 4.0, a livestreaming support service for Amazone technicians, and Agrirouter, an internet-based platform that enables farmers and contractors to easily share machinery data.

In Australia, Amazone is distributed through the Claas Harvest Centre network.

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