Amazone have released ContourControl, SwingStop and SwingStop Pro in an effort to increase the precision of spray application at high speeds.

Nozzles under speed control

Amazone launch boom technologies for precision spraying

THREE new nozzle application technologies have been launched by Amazone in an effort to improve spray accuracy and performance. 

Claas Harvest Centre, product manager, Craig Hopkins, said the range met the demand for precision spraying at higher operating speeds. 

“Used individually or combined, these systems offer unprecedented levels of application accuracy over the entire boom by compensating for any vertical or horizontal movements,” he said.

Amazone ControurControl

Mr Hopkins said ContourControl utilised six boom-mounted ultrasonic sensors and a fast-responding hydraulic system to maintain boom height.

“The two outer sensors control the independent angling of the left- and right-hand booms,” he said. 

“The two middle sensors regulate the height of the boom, which is guided in its height through the parallelogram.

“The hydraulic accumulator on the boom provides extraordinarily short reaction times, quite literally in a fraction of a second.”

Amazone ControurControl and SwingStop sensors

Mr Hopkins said ContourControl also allowed the negative angling of the outer boom sections to maintain the determined application height in all conditions.

“For example, either boom can dip below the horizontal plane which is useful if the sprayer passes over a ridge,” he said.

Mr Hopkins said SwingStop is an active yaw stabilisation system that maintains the horizontal boom position.

“Ground undulations, turning, acceleration or fast operating speeds can put booms under enormous strain, causing the boom ends to swing backwards or forwards,” he said.

“This horizontal movement has an obvious effect on application rates.

Amazone Swingstop

“If the boom swings forwards in the direction of travel, the crop will be underdosed.

“Conversely, if the boom swings backwards, then overdosing occurs. 

Amazone SwingStop

“This effect, which can be readily seen in heavy crops, is even more pronounced with wider booms.”

While most sprayers use passive buffer or damper systems to minimise yaw, Mr Hopkins said the SwingStop system used boom-mounted acceleration sensors to determine the horizontal position of the boom relative to the forward speed of the sprayer. 

Two actively-operating hydraulic rams in the centre section of the boom then actively counteract any detected movements to ensure the boom rides smoothly.

Amazone SwingStop features two actively-operating hydraulic rams in the centre of the boom

“This system is exceptionally quick and accurate, which allows even faster operating speeds,” he said.

Mr Hopkins said the SwingStop Pro utilised the same data to adjust the output of each individual nozzle relative to the forward speed of the sprayer. 

The pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM) nozzles are controlled by valves with a high frequency range of 50 Hertz.

“This high switching speed means the valves can be opened or closed in two milliseconds, while the application rate can be adjusted from 30 to 100 percent, or turned off or on, in two milliseconds,” he said.

Vertical movement affects spray coverage

“If the nozzle is moving quicker than the sprayer, the opening time and thus the application rate is increased for a short time. 

“If the nozzle moves slower than the sprayer, it remains closed longer and the application rate is reduced.

“PWFM regulation means spray pressure and droplet size is always maintained.”

The technology upgrades are available for all Amazone sprayers equipped with Super-L2 booms from 27 to 40 metres in width. 

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