The Honda 3E-B18, a robotics device designed for casual use in indoor or outdoor spaces and the 3E-D18, an autonomous all terrain vehicle (ATV)

Robotic quad bike

AI robot ATV 3E-D18 concept launched by Honda

A VISION of a society where a robotic quad bike learns from humans was launched by Japanese conglomerate Honda last week. 

Honda introduced its new 3E robotics concept at the CES 2018 technology conference, held in Las Vegas. 

Standing for empower, experience and empathy, the 3E concept aims to create a society where robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) learn from human interaction to become more helpful and empathetic.

Click on the video to see the whole concept.

Honda Research and Development Company, president and chief executive officer, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto said he was positive about the coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence. 

 “Honda views robotics not as something in conflict with people, but as an opportunity to expand their potential,” he said. 

“We have entered an era when robotics will become increasingly visible and essential in our everyday lives and have the ability to unlock human potential.”

Honda demonstrated its concept through the 3E-D18, an autonomous all terrain vehicle (ATV), or quad bike. 

Designed by Honda Research and Development the 3E-D18 is outfitted with an electric-powered drivetrain and can accommodate a multitude of attachments.

Honda said the AI ATV  had the potential to increase the efficiency and safety of to jobs in various industries, including agriculture, search and rescue, firefighting and construction. 

Based on a standard Honda ATV chassis the prototype is equipped with four-wheel drive and airless tires.

The utilisation of an ATV chassis means the unit is small, increasing manoeuvrability and adaption to a wide range of environments and terrain, Honda said.

A global positioning system (GPS) and sensor-based autonomy have been included to guide the unit.

A Honda spokesperson said the company intends to pursue its work in robotics through an “open innovation” approach, fostering collaboration with partners who share its vision. 

The Honda 3E-D18 has tracks for implements to attach to in the place of the ATV seat

Also on display was the 3E-B18, a robotics device designed for casual use in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Honda said with additional attachments, the 3E-B18 platform can be used to support people with their daily activities such as a baggage cart or a stroller.

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