FULL SET: John Deere has completed the 6R Series range with the launch of the higher powered 6230R and 6250R models.

John Deere completes 6R Series

JOHN Deere has launched two new 6.8 litre, six-cylinder tractor models –  the 6230R and 6250R – to complete its 6R Series tractor range.

Rated at 171kW (230hp) and 186kW (250hp) respectively, the machines are aimed at both contractors and farmers.

Both models feature Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which delivers an engine boost of 37.2kW (50hp). The flagship 6250R is described as providing up to 223kW (300hp) when required. Weighing 9.3 tonnes, the 6250R has a power density of 31kg/hp. The high maximum permissible weight of 15t also allows a 5.7t payload, which means the tractor is able to transport heavier loads.

Both these new tractors are powered by a 6.8 litre PowerTech PSS engine with dual turbochargers and advanced DPF and SCR technology, which responds quickly to changing loads while consuming less fuel and meeting demanding Final Tier 4 (FT4) emission standards. 

The 6230R and 6250R tractors also feature the hydro-pneumatic cab suspension (HCS Plus) system.

The upgraded AutoPowr transmission provides 100 per cent mechanical power available at 3.5km/hour for heavy draft operations, 11km/hour for light draft work, 22.5km/hour for heavy transport and 47.2km/hour for light transport duties. 

When running at maximum road speed, the RPM automatically drops. A speed of 50km/hour is maintained at 1630RPM and 40km/hour at 1300RPM, reducing fuel consumption on the road.

The tractors also available with the optional CommandPRO joystick. Top speed can be reached with a single push, and 11 programable buttons are available for the hitch, PTO, SCVs, AutoTrac controls etc. 

The CommandPRO allows the tractor to be controlled from top speed to zero with a simple push or pull of the joystick. Lower speeds from 0 to 2km/hour can be achieved with the creeper control function. 

Both the joystick and pedals can be operated at the same time. There is no need for an external ISOBUS joystick as the driver can also operate the tractor and ISOBUS functions simultaneously.

The CommandPRO joystick is available as an option on both the 6230R and 6250R.

Equipped with a pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system, the two new models deliver a maximum flow of 160 litres/minute at 1500RPM. Up to six SCVs with individual pressure-relief levers have been grouped together, with lift capacities of 10.4t on the rear hitch and 5t at the front.

The 6230R and 6250R tractors also feature the hydro-pneumatic cab suspension (HCS Plus) system, which offers more driving comfort and isolation from noise and vibration. Better traction and increased power is said to be applied to the ground by the self-levelling TLS Plus Triple-Link Suspension system on the front axle. This system automatically adjusts sensitivity and suspension rate, and synchronises with hitch sensing to compensate for power hop under heavy draft conditions. The result is less arm movement and significantly less steering effort required through the Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) system. The VRS can be activated and deactivated from the tractor’s CommandCenter control console.

Both models feature 750 hour engine oil filter, fuel filter and engine oil intervals, helping to further reduce parts and servicing costs. The lifetime Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and low diesel exhaust fluid consumption of 2-3pc.