THE Mount Barker District Council is the first on South Australia's mainland to signal its intent to remain a genetically-modified free region.

Confidence in the production of heavy cutting Merino rams underpinned a strong sale at Willandra, Jerilderie

Ed and Carol McCormack have been recognized for their decades of contribution to the breed at the Droughtmaster National sale.

Repeat buyers who put together drafts of Poll Merino rams supported the Huggins family

Quad bikes are currently in such short supply, dealerships are demanding deposits on machines at unknown prices that won't be delivered won't arrive for 10 months and manufacturers are calling out reassurances of continued availability in Australia based on the Israeli experience as "flat out not true".

For the first time in its 68-year history, the Australian National Field Days have been cancelled for the full three days.

The past couple of years have been a tough slog for Drillham district farmer Alex Nixon, Jay Dee, but to his delight, this season has been a positive and he is in better spirits ahead of harvest time.

CROPPERS are encouraged to implement a multi-faceted integrated weed management strategy, particularly to get the upper hand on wild radish.

One group had no work, one group had no workers, so linking agriculture and aviation workers makes perfect sense.